St Edmunds Hospital to St Edmunds Trust

In 1976 an Appeal Committee with charitable status was set up to convert The Square House Hotel in Bury St Edmunds to a private hospital. The Appeal was closed with more than 800 contributors having been recorded and The St Edmunds Hospital was opened in February 1981.

The Square House Hotel was used as a Military Hospital during World War Two.

This photograph has been kindly provided by Bury St Edmunds businessman Mr Steve Laycock, showing his mother at the bottom left.

By 1997 major development was required and the Hospital was sold to the Nuffield Trust (another charitable organisation). It is now run by BMI.

As the original money had been raised by local appeal it was considered important that any remaining money should be retained for local use. £2.25m was left after the sale, which is the origin of the funds of the St Edmunds Trust.